Edible flowers are native to all continents. There are approximately 250 species around the world, but the two species sold by Terra Santa are grown and collected in the country, used in different restaurants and hotels in the country to indulge diners with different proposals.

The initiative to market edible flowers emerged two years ago as a degree project on the subject, then became a company due to the interest and passion that Daniel Aristizabal feels for gastronomy and discover new flavors in this discipline.

The species that Terra Santa produces are the Nasturtiums and the Pansies, the first ones have a flavor similar to the sweet pepper and its fragrance is very sweet as well; the other ones have a more herbal flavor, its texture is stronger and its aroma is very similar to the lavender.

Nasturtiums have a high content of vitamin C and essential oils that provide certain antibiotic properties and the Pansies have a large proportion of vitamin E and components that contribute to the respiratory system improvement.

These flowers production must have a rigorous biological control and comply with certain standards such as the use of organic pesticides to be suitable for human consumption, its storage temperature must be between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius.

Terrasanta’s flowers are very versatile and easily adapt to the proposals that the chef wants to make, such as encapsulated in ice, crystallized in desserts, even as main ingredient of salads, likewise these flowers can be applied to many gastronomic concepts the restaurants handle.

Abasto, Criterión, Leonor Espinosa, La Fontana Club, Donostia, Los Lagartos Club, Cosmos 100 Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, are some of the establishments that have started using Terrasanta`s edible flowers to offer their diners innovative recipes.

With Terra Santa, Daniel Aristizábal offers challenges to the most creative chefs to break the routine and start using different ingredients, which allows them to surprise their customers with novelties in their restaurants

Sourse: La Barra Magazine