The clandestine dinners are the union of gastronomic experience for being a menu and a pairing prepared by a chef, and homemade by the stage, a private house, and as the old phrase says, run by its owners. With an unparalleled ingredient, the surprise of an evening with people who once wanted to meet, or unknown people until then, with whom we coincided just for reserving a seat for the same night, and perhaps the only thing in common was to be the hosts´ friends or their friends´ friends. Business people, entertainment, media or artists. All of them with the common characteristic of being gourmets and lovers of a different and rewarding talk.

That night, the gastronomic experience was embodied in toche`s cakes, a very good version of the cakes stuffed with chickpea, spicy red pepper jam from Cucuta. A spicy and delicious tuna tartare with cassava chips.

Applause for the portobello mushroom cappuccino – soup in a bowl – with oriental spices, with pure mushroom flavor and aroma, and with rosemary cookies.

Braised pork shoulder and creamy mash arracacha, gallant soldiers and sprouts.

The artistic experience came with the miro salad. It is a composition with multicolored notes, orange peels, cold-cooked tomatoes with lime. Edible visual art.

A sweet and very Colombian experience almojabana cake with guava paste ice cream and boyacense plum sauce.

The chef, Jorge Iván Castro, defines it as an eclectic cuisine that combines flavors and spices with an inclination towards the Caribbean, and the Orient, which involves research into the traditions of national cuisine to offer new versions and contexts, preserving primary flavors, with products coming from organic farms in La Calera, Tabio and Tenjo.

The menu consists of some type of cake, pie or traditional mash of popular cuisine, a salad with seasonal vegetables and flavors contrast, an unconventional soup, some preparation of fish or seafood based on recipes from our coasts, an unconventional meat cut made in slow cooking to enhance its flavor and a creative dessert inspired by the variety of traditional sweets.

Source: El Espectador